Turin, Italy

Turin is the capital city of Piedmont (one of Italy’s 20 regions) which has about 913,000 people. This city is quite popular because of the so-called “holy Shroud,” a linen cloth kept in the Cathedral of Turin, in which, according to Roman Catholic tradition, it was wrapped the body of Jesus after He died.

Turin is not only a Roman Catholic city, but in it there are also a great number of Muslims as well as of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In this city there are about 54 “evangelical” churches, which means that with an average of 80 people per church there are only 4320 church members (believers?) of the total population (about 913,000). Therefore, only 0.5% of the total population is attending church, but most likely less than 0.5% are born again Christians. There are, in fact, some churches that are not even preaching a biblical gospel.

In our church planting we prayerfully focus on the following ministries, whose ultimate goal is to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ:

1) Biblical Evangelism

2) Expository Preaching/Teaching

3) Biblical Shepherding/Counseling

4) Bible Training

We also partner with the “Italian Theological Academy,” which is located on the island of Sicily, whose focus is to equip Italian pastors, elders, and lay leaders for ministry.

If God puts it on your heart, please support prayerfully and financially this ministry and take part in God’s work in Italy. Our goal is to be supported until we have a number of people in our church plant that will be able to support me as their pastor. In fact, we want to establish a church that is financially independent in order to follow the biblical teaching (1 Tim. 5:17–18).

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