Long-term plans for the country of Italy

Church Plant

Our desire is, first of all, to start a church from scratch in the city of Turin reaching people through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We want to establish a church that is focused on Jesus Christ and on the teaching of God’s Word. That is why we desire to call our church, “Solo Cristo e Sola Scrittura” (“Christ alone and Scripture Alone”), not only in light of the false and evil teaching of Roman Catholicism, but also in light of the inaccurate and even false teaching of many Pentecostal churches, whose focus is not anymore on Jesus Christ and the Scriptures, but merely on supposed “healing,” “miracles,” and “prophecies.”

We need to return to the source of our salvation and sanctification, that is, the Word of God. That’s what we need.

Bible Training Ministry

We also desire to start a Bible Training Ministry in our church whose purpose will be to train those who are called in the ministry. We want to entrust the things which God has taught us to faithful men, who then will be able to teach others also around Italy.

We are fully convinced that the primary and great need of this country is to hear the Truth of God that can only be found in the Scriptures. For certain, an effective way to spread the Word of God in a country that lacks sound teaching is to train devoted Christians for a life of ministry that is Bible-centered and God glorifying.

For this very reason, we want to pursue a “Bible Training Ministry,” because we believe that this is a key factor in order to bring a radical change in a nation that is ignorant of Christ and God’s Word.

Christian Elementary School

We also desire to start a Christian Elementary School in the future, which will enable us not only to give a good education to kids, but also to impart a biblical instruction to them. In this way we will reach two generations: the children and their unbelieving parents with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This, we believe, is going to be a tremendous means by which we can evangelize the lost, since kids today are growing up having no acquaintance with the Gospel whatsoever, sometimes even those growing up in the church.

We are aware that all the above can only be accomplished by God’s grace and power, and only if in accordance with God’s will and sovereignty. Thus, we’ll start our ministry by devoting ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of God’s Word. We, however, long to see in the providence of God the fulfillment of all the above for the sake of the salvation and sanctification of many in Italy, to the praise of the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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